How it works

Our Dogs

Our dogs are ‘puppy walked’ by professional dog trainers who live locally to our client families. Bonding work and developmental training within the family and with the autistic child/adult starts in early puppyhood. The journey towards final placement is designed to be organic and seamless, with strong relationships building over time.

How do they help?

The needs of every autistic client and their family differ, however the interventions our dogs are trained for include:

  • Tethering via a ’tummy lead’ harness or second dog lead to encourage calm and settled walking behaviour outside of the home.
  • Deep pressure work to help regulate the proprioceptive system and reduce anxiety.
  • communication games to encourage social engagement, speech and language and social confidence.
  • Settling behaviours to promote relaxation and self-regulation.

The things you can’t measure

Intuitive comfort,  unconditional friendship, fun, laughter and love.