Dogs for Autism FAQs

If you any more questions after reading this, please get in touch and we will be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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I’m interested in an Autism Assistance Dog – what can I do now?

Due to the current length of our waiting list, the difficult decision has been taken to close our applications process for the foreseeable future. We will review this decision in August 2022. Please keep an eye on our website for further news.

How does the application process work?
Unfortunately, due to the current length of our waiting list, our applications process is currently closed.

After attending an information session, please complete our application form. This will be assessed by our Team and if we feel that we may be able to help you we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

After the home visit, our Team will discuss your application and make a decision about whether to put you on the waiting list for a dog. The length of the waiting list varies, but we currently expect it to take up to two years for a dog to be ready to start training for your needs.

Can I bring my child to the information session?
Due to the nature of our discussions, we ask that children under 16 do not attend our sessions.
Do you only supply dogs to children?
Dogs for Autism provides dogs to both children and adults.
My child is scared of dogs – can we still apply?
Our work depends on a bond developing between the autistic person and their dog. If your child is frightened of dogs we wouldn’t place a dog with you. If you are able to work with your child to overcome the fear, then you would be able to apply in the future.
Can I pay you to train an assistance dog for me?
Our status as a Charity means that we are unable to receive payment for training an assistance dog for an applicant.
Why aren’t there any information days showing on your website?
Our waiting list is currently full. Once we are in a position to train more dogs, we will run more information sessions for potential applicants.
Can you contact me when you publish new dates?
Unfortunately, due to the number of enquiries, we are unable to inform you personally of new dates. We advise you to check our website regularly for updates.
Why can’t you place more assistance dogs per year?
Our resources are limited and we will only start a dog with a family once we know we have the funds to provide the individual support and training needed throughout the process. We rely on donations to continue our work; the more money we raise, the more dogs we can provide.
Can you train my pet dog to help me?
Dogs for Autism supplies trained dogs and doesn’t work with a family’s pet dog.
What can I do to help?
Support us in whatever way you can. Make a donation, sign up to our newsletter, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator