Leaving Gift in a Will

Leaving a gift in your will could transform lives by enabling us to provide the life-changing support of an Autism Assistance Dog.

Dogs for Autism is the UK’s first charity to exclusively provide Autism Assistance Dogs for autistic people of any age, anywhere in the UK. Without us, children over ten, young people and adults wouldn’t be able to have the support of an Autism Assistance Dog funded and provided by a charity.

Having a Dogs for Autism Assistance Dog can completely change the life of an autistic person and their family. Young people can attend school, college or university, adults may be able to rejoin the workforce. Siblings and parents are finally able to look forward to days out, or just a simple shopping trip with the whole family. Our dogs change lives.

A gift in your will could help us to support our current partnerships and train more life-changing Autism Assistance Dogs.

Whether you are writing a will for the first time, or already have a will, leaving a gift to Dogs for Autism is very easy. And did you know that legacies left to charities are exempt from inheritance tax? Including a gift to charity may also reduce the overall inheritance tax liability, as legacies to charities are deducted from the value of an estate before taxation.

If you would like to leave a legacy to Dogs for Autism, please take advice from your solicitor.

We would suggest using the following wording:

I leave xxx to Dogs for Autism of 32 Kings Hill, Beech, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 4AL, registered charity number 1181615 in England and Wales. 

Makka and Grace, Dogs for Autism

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is another way to support our work, and you can be sure that any gift, small or large, will be used to help others.  It may be possible to name a dog after your friend or family member, if this is something you would like to do. Please email us (contact@dogsforautism.org.uk) if you would like to discuss this.

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