Sponsor a Dogs for Autism puppy for as little as £5 per month and transform the life of an autistic adult or child

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As a sponsor, you will gain a unique insight into your puppy’s development and training.

Once your puppy graduates, your sponsorship will transfer on to a new puppy, or you can sponsor a dog all the way through its life from puppyhood to retirement.

Choose your puppy…


Sponsor a Puppy - Ella


Black Labrador

Ella is a lovable mischievious character and loves to investigate everthing she discovers on her travels.

Sponsor a Puppy - Fudge


Golden Retriever

Fudge loves his cuddles. He is curious but just likes to watch for a while before he goes to investigate!

You can sponsor a puppy for yourself or as the perfect gift for a loved one!

Why Donate?

Having a Dogs for Autism assistance dog can produce life changing benefits for their autistic partners and their families.

Independence, access to education, the workplace and the community bring joy and riches taken for granted by most. The people we work with experience profound barriers to experiencing their world, but with the help of an assistance dog their potential is finally unlocked in a way that no other support or interventions achieve.

Why Do We Need Your Support?

Our services provide an intensive level of support tailored to each autistic individual’s needs; for the majority this provides a lifeline where no comparable help is available.

We currently have 30 assistance dogs in the UK that are either working or in training, but we receive over a thousand enquiries each year from people interested in applying.  The only limit to how many dogs we can train and place with families is financial, and once we have more funds in place, we will be able to train more dogs to support more autistic people.

When the puppy’s training journey ends and he or she is matched with their autistic partner, we transfer the sponsorship automatically to a new puppy. You can of course choose not to follow your new puppy and cancel your regular donation if you wish by contacting us. If you paid as a one-off, we ask if you’d like to sponsor another puppy.


We do this with a letter or email at the same time as your final pupdate, and will show you photos of the new puppy. It’s a very exciting time, celebrating the success of one puppy and the training journey starting for another!

When you sponsor one of our gorgeous pups, you will get your very own puppy pack including:

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A cuddly toy
  • A Dogs for Autism Bag
  • A photo of your sponsor pup
  • Quarterly pupdates by email​
Please note additional costs will be incurred for postage outside the UK.

A Sponsor a Puppy pack makes an ideal gift for both adults and children, just let us know whether the pack will be for you, or for a friend or family member.

Why sponsor a puppy with Dogs for Autism?

Not only will you receive our puppy pack and regular ‘pupdates’, you will also be supporting the training of one of our life-changing puppies for the first eighteen months.

Many autistic people struggle with communication skills, anxiety and isolation.  For these people, a Dogs for Autism assistance dog can change their lives; would you like to be part of this journey by sponsoring a puppy?