Volunteer Puppy Parent or Fosterer

Would you like to volunteer to be a Puppy Parent or Fosterer for one of our trainee autism assistance dogs?

Piper at her Puppy Parents house

 Would you like to look after and help raise and prepare a trainee autism assistance dog?

We are looking for volunteer puppy parents or fosterers in the Alton (Hampshire) area who:

  • Can commit to looking after a puppy for 1 – 2 years
  • Have a secure garden
  • Will work under the supervision of a Dogs for Autism Trainer and have a visit from them every week
  • Will join our puppy class on Friday afternoons
  • Can spend time each day training and socialising a dog under the guidance of your Trainer
  • Will be home for most of the day
  • Would love to be part of the exciting journey our trainee assistance dogs take!


  • Could provide ‘bed and breakfast’ for a young adult dog for a period of 6 months to a year whilst we prepare them for their next stage of training.

This could be an option if you are out at work, as the dog would come to ‘school’ during the day and be with you for evenings and weekends!

Please apply using the form below or email contact@dogsforautism.org.uk with any questions.