National Human-Animal Bond Awareness Day – Sunday 23rd July

National Human-Animal Awareness Day

Written by Vicky Brighton

20 July 2023

This Sunday sees the celebration of the National Human-Animal Bond Awareness Day from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

This national awareness day aims to promote the numerous ways in which animals benefit humans through companionship, assistance work and beyond.
On Sunday 23rd July the National Human-Animal Bond Awareness team will be running virtual talks with animal lovers and healthcare experts, with a special guest talk from Clare Balding at 8pm.


10am – Cat the Vet – Busting pet food myths

11am – Sarah Heath – Preparing your pets for the firework period

12 noon – Hercule Van Wolfwinkle – Drawing workshop

1.30pm – Sabrina & Andy (with Bailey) A conversation about the human-animal bond in their lives

3.30pm – Rory the Vet & Dr James Greenwood – A discussion about animals in their lives and being a vet

5pm – Woodgreen Behaviourist Lindsay – Separation related problems

6.30pm – Woodgreen Behaviourists Sam & Chris – Introducing a new pet to your home

8pm – Clare Balding – The animals in her life and her experience with the HAB


The talks are via Facebook Live with the exception of Woodgreen’s at 5pm and 6.30pm which are via Zoom. All are free.

There are some competitions running and the winners will be announced next week during the talks.

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