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Shannon 100 hero

Written by dogsforautism

10 August 2022


I am raising money for a local charity based in Alton Hampshire who train dogs for people with autism (more details below).

I gave birth to my first baby in august 2018 a little girl Olivia. From a very early age I noticed certain things within her development and her development was delayed. I started Olivia at a preschool at the age of 2 and an amazing person called  Danielle also picked up on her delayed development and needs. I managed to get a referal to paediatrics and an assessment on Olivia took place in November 2021 and she was diagnosed. I’m a paediatric nurse and know that autism affects a lot of children and families. I chose this charity purely because it’s local to me and money raised will help so much.

I would love my Olivia to be able to watch me but I’m not sure how she would cope so time will tell if she will be watching or not.

Any donation no matter how small is amazing and thank you from me, Olivia and the charity.

Dogs for Autism train and provide assistance dogs, at no charge, for autistic people of any age whose lives will be significantly enriched by such a partnership. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of autistic people and their families, to empower autistic people to realise their individual potential, improve their access to their chosen communities, and to enhance their emotional and physical well-being.


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