2,600 Dogs to do charity 'Sit'


On Sunday 26th April (this weekend) there is a huge charity event,  #TwoPointSixChallenge, because of the cancellation of the London Marathon. Basically people all over the UK are doing things for charity that are connected with the numbers 2 and 6 (the marathon is 26 miles); the marathon is a HUGE part of annual income for charities - we had 3 runners taking part. 

So.... Dogs for Autism are going LIVE on Facebook on Sunday and asking for 2,600 dogs to sit at 2.26pm 😁😁😁

We want everyone from the tiny puppies to the old timers... single dogs, multi-dogs.. we need pictures sent to our live Facebook feed of your dog sitting, with evidence of the time (and for those who would like to contribute, a little donation via text.)

Are you in?


Toby, trainee autism assistance dog, practising a sit

BBC News - 'Arthur' with his new family

A two minute BBC news report about the work of Dogs for Autism.  It features Arthur, the chocolate labrador, and his boy, Lewis.