The ‘Dog’tor will see you now!

The ‘Dog’tor will see you now!


Dogs for Autism’s (DfA) assistance dog Cashel, enjoyed a visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Cashel, accompanied by DfA’s Early Days Manager Gemma, is one of Dogs for Autism’s most recently fully trained autism assistance dog. Cashel and Gemma visited the hospital on behalf of the charity, helping to promote Learning Disability Week.

During the day Cashel met some of the staff and patients on the wards. Great Ormond Street were able to see some of the specific tasks that an autism assistance dog can perform to better benefit their autistic partner, performing on cue from the partner’s behaviours.

Helping to ‘ground’ people when they are emotionally dysregulated by undertaking specific tasks is something that Dogs for Autism dogs are trained to do from a young age.

All the patients Cashel met enjoyed picking him up and giving him a cuddle or two!

Our thanks to the staff and patients at G.O.S.H for making Cashel feel so welcome on his visit and for the kind reproduction of this video.