DfA super-star Leo in Hollywood Premier!

DfA super-star Leo in Hollywood Premier!

DfA are delighted to share in Leo’s success! Leo is one of our autistic partners and an incredible young actor.

Leo will be making his screen debut in the soon to be released Netflix film, ‘I used to be Famous’ due for release in September 2022.

Leo, who plays Stevie in the role, is an up and coming young actor, already known for his theatre work and commitments with the National Open Youth Orchestra , who stars alongside Ed Skrein as one of the two main characters in the film by director Eddie Sternburg.

Leo, talented DfA partner, musician and young performer, lives with his DfA autism assistance dog Cashel.

Leo is a creative musician, young performer and sportsman in his spare time, but he still has lots of time for his wonderful assistance dog Cashel when not on set! Autism assistance dog Cashel helps mitigate Leo’s autism, helping him with the specific everyday tasks that he may find challenging.

The film is due for release on Netflix on September 16th! 🌟

Congratulations to Leo and the cast of the show, which highlights the incredible talents people with autism have.

Well done Leo, you’re a super-star at DfA! 🌟 🙌 🌟 Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7zP4ccVxYY&t=34s 

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