Walk A Golden Mile for DfA

Walk A Golden Mile for DfA


Every year we ask our supporters to Walk a Golden Mile for Dogs for Autism! Let’s #WAG!



Take part in a mile walk anywhere in the UK during the weekend of 1st & 2nd July and help us continue our life-changing work for Autism.

This event is open to everyone, so bring your furry friends and let’s have a fantastic time while supporting a great cause. Your involvement can make a real impact on the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

Walk a Golden Mile is an opportunity for us to take part in a collective walk for Autism. First started in 20219, Walk a Golden Mile soon became a popular way for our supporters to take part in a walk for our charity.

By taking part in this annual walk, your small donation fee of £5 helps our charity cover some of the basic costs to raise and train an autism assistance dog, providing funding for the little everyday essentials that help keep our dogs happy and healthy.

This year we teamed up with our sponsors Oscar Pet Foods and our friends at the charity walking app trundl. As an extra bonus, trundl are giving one month’s free trial* of the app to everyone who sign’s up to Walk a Golden Mile. This means that you can help raise even more funds with your everyday walks.

Download trundl on your phone:

For iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/trundl/id1593879747

For Android:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trundlapp.com

*trundl code emailed upon registration.

Sign up to join Walk a Golden Mile here by 26th June and we’ll send you a special DfA bandana for your dog. We also have branded giveaways for those who don’t have a dog!

Walk a Golden Mile for Dogs for Autism | Sponsored by Oscar, Powered by trundl.

Let’s try trundl! – Autism Awareness Month

Let’s try trundl! – Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month.

Dogs for Autism have been busy promoting the month by taking part in various activities to help raise awareness and promoting it online.

As well as our ‘A Paw in the Hand’ campaign, launched with a LIVE ‘High Five’ on Facebook on 2nd April which helped raise funds and promoted the awareness of autism, Dogs for Autism has teamed up with the new walking app trundl.

We asked one of our autistic partners to try out the app for us during trundl’s latest ‘community trundl’ with her lovely assistance dog Toby. She gave us some feedback. Here’s her story!


Last week Ellen and her Dogs for Autism dog Toby downloaded the walking app trundl. 

trundl is the walking app that ‘gives as you go!’ trundl convert each stride that you take into a donation to your chosen charity, meaning that not only are you exercising but you’re giving to your favourite charity as you walk.  

Eager to give it a trial run, Ellen and Toby set off into the town to see what the app was like to use for our autistic partners and their dogs.  

Not long into their walk the smell of burgers wafted through the air and caught Toby’s attention! No burgers for Toby this time, but they both enjoyed and lovely cool drink in the sunshine.  

Ellen said, “I like technology and thought I’d try the app on a walk through the town with Toby my assistance dog. The notifications were good and very useful. The Community link was great, knowing that so many across the UK are walking for DfA at the same time gave me a reassuring feeling. It’s easy to use, and I would encourage anyone to download it and give it as go. As my dad says in his northern accent, “He’s a good lad Toby!”. 

In April a community trundl, (a collective walk for Dogs for Autism) ran for two weeks, designed to amalgamate all the trundl’s that users walked. The collective money was added to by our charity partnership with Oscar Pet Foods. For every walk taken, as part of the community trundl, Oscar’s donated 20p for every kilometre completed. Thanks to their generosity, Oscar’s donated a total of £150 to DfA. The money used will be put towards new training coats and tick & flea treatments for some of the puppies in training.  

trundl is available via the app store on your mobile or you can read more on their website: Home – trundl  

Look out for the next community trundl coming soon and join in! You don’t have to have a dog to start trundling (but it helps!)